Terms and conditions

User - natural or legal person who uses the website vinmill.com.

Services - all the services provided to the User through the vinmill.com website.

Administrator - VIN Solutions LTD.

vinmill.com is managed by VIN Solutions LTD (website: vinmill.com).

vinmill.com provides vehicle history information services.

Any questions, complaints, suggestions and requests concerning the services should be submitted to the Administrator through the page Contact. The message is deemed to be received by the Manager when the Manager has sent a response to the sender that the message has been received.


vinmill.com is intended for providing Services to the User.

The use of vinmill.com is deemed to be the use of any object of vinmill.com in any manner, including the use of the Services.

vinmill.com may be used only in accordance with the Terms of Use. By using the vinmill.com website, you agree with all the terms of use without exception. If for some reason you do not agree with these terms, we kindly ask you to refrain from using the website.

vinmill.com may be used only with general purpose browsers, such as (but not only): Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome etc. It is not permitted to use vinmill.com with programmes that send automated inquiries to vinmill.com for any purpose.

In order to use the Services of vinmill.com, the User must be of legal age (at least 18 years old) and able to comprehend and control their actions. In case the User fails to meet these requirements, they may use the Services only upon the prior written consent or later approval of their legal representative. In the absence of the consent and approval of the legal representative, the Administrator has the right to terminate the provision of the Services to the User with immediate effect. If the User uses the Services through a representative or acts as a representative of another person when using the Services, the User shall be responsible for having the authorisation required for using the Services and for acting as a representative in a manner that is clearly recognisable for third persons.

Legal remedies of administrator

If the User breaches the Terms of Use, the applicable good practices of vinmill.com or legal acts, the Administrator has the right to prohibit and/or restrict the use of the respective Services by the User.

The Administrator has the right to block access to the vinmill.com website for a person who is using vinmill.com in a manner or for a purpose other than those set out in the Terms of Use without the consent of the Administrator.

In case the Administrator applies legal remedies, the User may lose their access to the Services as a result.

The Administrator shall not be liable for any damage that is caused to the User or third persons in relation to the Administrator applying its legal remedies if this was required due to a claim submitted to the Administrator concerning a violation or a suspicion of violation that the Administrator has or directly due to the User’s behaviour being in conflict with the Terms of Use, the good practices of vinmill.com or legal acts. In such case the Administrator shall not be liable for the damage caused even if the claim was not justified or it becomes apparent later that there was no violation.

The report and ordering

The report shall include:

Based on the vehicle and data supplier, all the information listed in section "The report shall include" may not be available.

Report content is described at ordering page under "report contains" section.

Report ordering form requests Your e-mail address. By adding e-mail, you agree that information provided is true and accurate.

A paid report is accessible for 30 days.

The data of the report may be used only for personal purposes. Commercial use of the report data is prohibited.It is prohibited to distribute, copy or publish the report.

The Administrator collects data from different sources and this data may not be complete or may be inaccurate.

Exclusion of the right of withdrawal

A consumer User shall not have the right of withdrawal in case of contracts the object of which is the delivery of such digital content which is not delivered on a tangible medium (incl. digital report) if the delivery thereof has begun with the User's prior express consent and acknowledgement that the User thereby loses the right of withdrawal.

A consumer User acknowledges that by accepting these terms of use the User loses their right of withdrawal pursuant to clause 53 (4) 71) of the Law of Obligations Act, under which the right of withdrawal shall not apply to contracts the object of which is the delivery of such digital content which is not delivered on a tangible medium (incl. the delivery of reports).

Quality and availability of services

By accepting the Terms of Use, the User agrees and confirms that:

The Administrator shall not guarantee that the website will function uninterrupted and without delay at all timesbecause the functioning of the vinmill.com website’s service depends on several other parties (paymentsystems;network providers etc.).

Right to file claims

In case of claims regarding the Services, a consumer User has the right to address the Administrator by using the above contact details within two months as of becoming aware of the non-conformity. All claims will be reviewed and the User will be contacted at first opportunity but not later than within 15 days as of receiving the claim.

Upon non-compliance of the Services with the terms and conditions of the contract, the User has the right to rely on the legal remedies provided by law.

Final provisions

If a provision of the Terms of Use proves to be invalid due to a conflict with the law, it shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

The Administrator shall reserve the right to amend the Terms of Use as necessary. The Administrator shall notify the Users of amendments to the Terms of Use through vinmill.com at least two weeks before the new Terms of Use enter into force. The User shall not be notified separately about amendments to the Terms of Use.

Privacy policy

GDPR - Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation).

User - natural or legal person who uses the website vinmill.com.

Applicable law - all valid European Union legal acts, including, but not limited to, the national implementation acts for GDPR.

Services - all the services provided to the User through the vinmill.com website.

Personal Data - any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (data subject);

vinmill.com - VIN Solutions LTD (website: vinmill.com);

Website - vinmill.com, its subdomains or other websites managed by vinmill.com;

Processing - any operation or set of operations which is performed on personal data or on sets of personal data, whether or not by automated means, such as collection, recording, organization, structuring, storage, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or otherwise making available, alignment or combination, restriction, erasure or destruction;

Data controller - the natural or legal person, public authority, agency or other body which, alone or jointly with others, determines the purposes and means of the processing of personal data. For the purposes of this privacy policy, the data controller is vinmill.com.

General provisions

These terms and conditions of personal data processing (Privacy Policy) apply when the User is using, has used or has expressed the intention to use the services provided by vinmill.com or when the User is using the vinmill.com website.

This Privacy Policy describes the general principles of personal data processing. Additional terms and conditions of processing of the User’s personal data may also be described in the contract or contracts concluded with the User or the consent given by the User.

In case the User has any questions regarding the processing of their personal data or if the User wishes to exercise their rights regarding personal data processing, they are kindly asked to contact vinmill.com using the contact details set out below in the section Contact.

Personal data

vinmill.com processes the User’s Personal Data for the following purposes and on the following legal bases.

If the processing of Personal Data is based on the legitimate interest of vinmill.com, the User has the right to object to this at any time.

vinmill.com shall process the User’s personal data for any other purposes only with the prior consent of the User.

Collection of personal data

Upon ordering the Service, vinmill.com requests the following data about the User which are necessary for the provision of the Service: e-mail address;

During the provision of the Service, vinmill.com receives the following data about the User:

When the User sends an inquiry to vinmill.com using the template on the Website or by e-mail, vinmill.com collects the following data about the User which is necessary to process the User’s inquiry and respond to it:

Transfer of Personal Data to service providers (data processors)

vinmill.com has the right to engage data processors upon processing the User’s personal data.

For example, vinmill.com uses IT service providers upon processing the User’s personal data. vinmill.com may also engage other service providers and cooperation partners upon data processing (for example, marketing partners, server service providers, payment service providers, etc.).

vinmill.com engages as data processors such service providers whose reliability vinmill.com has ascertained. Upon using data processors, vinmill.com concludes a data processing agreement with the data processor, under which the data processor assumes the obligation to process personal data in compliance with the applicable law and in compliance with this privacy policy. Upon engaging data processors, vinmill.com is liable for the activity of the data processors regarding the processing of the User’s personal data.

Transfer of personal data to third persons

In certain cases, vinmill.com may transfer the User’s personal data to the following third persons:

Storage of personal data

vinmill.com shall store the User’s Personal Data until it is required to achieve the purpose for which the data was collected, to exercise and protect its rights or until required by legal acts.

Use of Personal Information

vinmill.com takes the necessary security measures to protect the Personal Data of clients.

Rights and obligations of the data subject

vinmill.com shall ensure to the Users their data subject rights under the applicable law.

To the extent in which it is required and permitted under relevant legal acts (primarily Chapter III of the GDPR), the User has the right to request access to their Personal Data, request the rectification, deletion and restriction of processing of Personal Data, object to the processing of Personal Data and request the transfer of Personal Data and other rights arising from the applicable law. Among other things, the User has the following rights upon personal data processing:

The User’s rights listed in this section regarding the processing of the User’s personal data are not absolute rights. In certain cases the rights of other data subjects or the rights or obligations of vinmill.com may limit the User’s rights in part or in full.

vinmill.com has the right to request the submission of additional information to identify the User who is exercising their rights.

vinmill.com shall respond to the request of a User within 1 month and notify the User about whether and which measures vinmill.com has taken to resolve the User’s request. If the request is complicated or voluminous, vinmill.com may extend the response deadline by 2 months. If vinmill.com fails to take measures according to the User’s request, they shall notify the User about the reasons for not taking the measures and explain the possibility to file a complaint with the Data Protection Inspectorate or recourse to court for the protection of their rights.

In order to keep the User’s data updated, the User is obliged to notify vinmill.com about changes in their Personal Data and update their Personal Data on their user account.

Data controller and their contact details

Upon using vinmill.com, the data controller is VIN Solutions LTD (website: vinmill.com).

In order to exercise rights, receive additional explanations and file a complaint against vinmill.com, the User must address vinmill.com using the contact details listed on the page Contact.

Use of cookis

Cookies are small text files that are stored by websites and are related to the visited website.

Cookies may be session cookies (enable to link the User’s activities during the browsing session on the same browser temporarily, i.e. from the opening of the browser window until its closing or until 4 hours after the last viewing) or permanent cookies (stored on the User’s device permanently for the period determined for the cookie and activated each time the User visits the website where the cookie was placed).

vinmill.com does not ask the User’s consent upon placing essential cookies if the User has expressed the wish or given their consent for the provision of a Service that cannot function without such cookie.

vinmill.com only uses essential cookies – required to move around the vinmill.com websites and use its functionalities. Without placing these cookies, it is not possible to provide the services that the User has requested.

vinmill.com uses the following essential cookies:

PHPSESSID - the cookie is valid during the browsing session of the web browser (until 4 hours after the last page view). If the User has disabled cookies in their web browser settings, the Services may not function in full.

COOKIEID – the cookie is valid for 10 years. If the User has disabled cookies in their web browser settings, the Services may not function in full.

Amendments to the privacy policy

vinmill.com reserves the right to amend the Privacy Policy as necessary. The visitors of the website are not notified separately about amendments to the Privacy Policy. Visitors of the website must review the terms of the Privacy Policy before using the website.

Agreeing to the privacy policy

By using the vinmill.com website, you agree with the terms of the Privacy Policy.

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